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About Us and You!

Nature's Health and Body is here to unite people passionate about holistic, homeopathic health using nature's own gifts. We provide a platform for the education and sale of truly legitimate hemp-related products.

Our three founders started helping with the industrial hemp initiatives being reborn in the US in 2011. They saw exploitative practices for growing and selling hemp extracts and decided to create a safe online market place with handpicked suppliers screened, evaluated and sourced by us before they go in our store.

  • 100% THC Free
  • Sourced from 100% Industrial Hemp suppliers with traceable histories
  • Fully Lab Tested
  • Federal, State and Locally Compliant

Phytocannibinoids, CBD, Hemp, you and us all together!

We are purposely and proudly different and will be a breath of fresh air for you on your quest to health and wellness and with your explorations into Industrial Hemp, cannabinoids and all things hemp has to offer us. We are here to do two very simple things, unite people who are passionate about holistic, homeopathic health with natures very own gifts to help you achieve just that.  We are by no means saying that conventional or properly prescribed medicine is or is not right for you or anybody else. However, what we are saying is that for some things, there are more natural options which may just very well benefit you and with an open mind, maybe better.  That is what we want to bring together for you, suppliers with the right and truly best products and as much knowledge as we can to help you decide.

Natures Health and Body has grown out of our deep passion for hemp. Our roots are nestled within the industrial hemp world and with over 30 years of experience between us, we have gained some of the deepest possible understanding of industrial hemp. This comes not only based on our years, but because we have access and the ability to leverage the greatest minds and industry associations in the area of hemp.  So that is what our foundation is, the plant that creates all that you see on  You will also see we are not a run of the mill, eCommerce CBD, hemp oil, faceless sales outlet. We truly are at the foundation of what creates the magical plant that CBD comes from and we want you to be part of it!  As you take a look around, we want you to know that every single vendor, supplier, wholesaler, grower, processor…the whole “Soil to Oil” lifecycle is known to us.  We are in fact, experts and we created Natures Health and Body not to be just a website or storefront selling plant extracts, we are here to help educate people about how powerful cannabis really is.

A brief history

Although our memories have faded and differed on exact dates, but back in 2011 the three founders jumped in to help with the industrial hemp initiatives being reborn in the US. Through a series of odd twists of fate and old relationships, we ultimately linked up with the true wizards that are hemp in the world and with their help and wisdom, we saw firsthand the potential of this multi-use, agriculturally significant and groundbreaking plant.  We were fascinated, overwhelmed and humbled by the people that have dedicated most of their lives, money and souls to revive industrial hemp in the United States.  For the most part we focused on the fiber, bast, grain, etc. uses of the plant and not so much the oil for cannabinoids. Fast forward a few years and although we use cannabinoids and hemp based products we were not as focused on the CBD market and what was occurring in this somewhat much smaller but parallel part of the industry (CBD is actually a VERY small part of Industrial Hemp's capability).

We swarmed NOCO in Denver and slogged through trade-shows all throughout the United States with all of our friends in the early years of the industry's rebirth. As time progressed, we noticed a subindustry starting to grow and CBD vendors started to appear - popping up everywhere (well buy wholesale, sell retail who needs to know anything about cannabis or so they think). Now as a group, we know and grow industrial hemp…better than anyone else. Our own wizards know what it produces, how to get to zero THC, the seeds and strains, you name it. However, what we didn’t realize at first was that on the CBD product side there are many many (yes more than just one many) people that were attempting to exploit people by saying things about the plant and cannabinoids that are just flat wrong (we openly say they lie). Yes people lie to make a buck and if you do not watch out they will lie to take yours and worst case, sell you something that is polluted or unsafe. We could see the ones that were literally “out in left field” and not helping people but instead were spreading half-truths, making insane claims and some were obviously into just taking advantage of the market for money. We decided to step in and do something about it.  We created Natures Health and Body for you the consumer and also for the truly best suppliers of hemp extracts (commonly advertised as CBD) and hemp-based products to come together.  To do this for you, we handpick each and every supplier; we know them, visit them, and talk to them before they are listed here and constantly thereafter.  We screen every supplier, scrutinize every lab and evaluate every product ourselves.  We know where every “grow” comes from, who grows it and usually even where they source their seed.  You can rest assured that every product on Natures Health and Body meets the following:

  • Absolutely THC Free (nowhere near the .3 United States federal limit).
  • Product is only sourced from 100% Industrial Hemp suppliers. Not like some who will try and harvest CBD from marijuana (now CBD from marijuana is good as well but you will have an issue with THC).
  • All products have been fully lab tested and continue to be lab tested to ensure compliance, quality and safety.
  • All hemp that is used in the products must be grown in a 100% compliant manner and observe all laws that are federal, state and locally mandated.
  • All products must be produced from hemp grown in the United States, Canada or Europe and have a 100% traceable history for seed and strain.
  • All suppliers to Natures Health and Body have to certify that their products maintain compliance with both mandated and our own standards.

Natures Health and Body really has one mission made up of two goals. Our primary goal is the proliferation of information about what hemp and hemp products can give you and the world. Our second goal is allow legitimate, caring and passionate suppliers and providers of hemp and hemp related products get to you, the consumer, in a clear and truly educational format (why should we get to keep all the fun to ourselves we say). Our mission is basically around the fact that there are good “people” and bad “people” out there in this industry and we will shield you from the bad ones…that is our promise. The vendors and suppliers that come to Natures Health and Body want to help you as much as we do first and foremost and that is a fact.

Come on in. Thumb through the products and by all means feel free to ask questions. We are not doctors (but some of our friends are…and really smart ones) and none of the products have been evaluated by, nor has the FDA substantiated claims. However, that does not mean that like any other natural supplement they won’t help with certain ailments. So when in doubt or if you need to know how much or what format, kind or product to try just put your fingers on the keyboard home-row to tap out a note, perhaps pickup the ubiquitous “smartphone” or we kind of like the handwritten letter that gets delivered the old fashioned way! Come on over and ask us a question.  If you do reach out then we are accomplishing one of our goals and hopefully people you know will reach out to you and you get to pay the knowledge forward so on and so forth and soon, with 6 degrees of separation working for us, everyone shares the knowledge.  Well that is what we here at Natures Health and Body see as the real “social media”, us and ultimately everyone all together for a cause.

Oh and if you made it down this far we have something for you! Create an account, use the coupon code below and we give you a 10% discount on your order and as usual free standard shipping.  Come over to our world…it is pretty cool.

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